Kerjasama Perusahaan
Timing Taste

Timing taste, our key to help you distinguishing yourself in the market. How? By combining this new concept with our experience. We know the market and we keep a close eye on developments that may be expected in the future. Instead of waiting, we prefer to go for all the new opportunities and chances. We share our ideas with different parties to keep ourselves completely informed on taste and trends. Then we anticipate and start creating with prize-winning genetics. And when the time is right, often years later, so are we. With tasty quality products, in all product segments and totally attuned to what the market asks for at that time.

Sweet green

Sweetgreen is a scoop in the world of sweet pepper. With the arrival of Sweetgreen, you can now enjoy a riper, sweeter and tastier green pepper. A crunchy sweet pepper bursting with flavour and packed with vitamin C. Fresh, versatile and delectable. Experience the sweet taste of green for yourself today!


Imagine a product that serves your customers better alternatives. A product with added value to the whole chain, with reduced costs and labour. A product that is eazy to process and offers you excellent shelflife.

Seed Valley

Situated in the north of Holland, between the towns of Enkhuizen and Warmenhuizen, the Seed Valley region is home to dozens of specialised and innovative plant breeding companies. This makes Seed Valley the global epicentre of applied green genetics. Dutch seed companies serve the world market with high-quality basic plant material for ever improving food crops and ornamental crops.

PT East West Seed Indonesia

PT East West Seed Indonesia is the first integrated seed breeding company in Indonesia, that produces, developes and sells tropical hybrid vegetable seeds under the Brand Name “CAP PANAH MERAH”.


Keygene N.V. is an innovative and ambitious research company with a strong focus on molecular genetics and biotechnology for plant breeding.

Plantum NL

Plantum NL is the Dutch association for breeding, tissue culture, production and trade of seeds and young plants.


Tomato World is an initiative of Greenco CV and about 40 leading companies in the sector. It puts the Dutch glasshouse industry in the spotlight and lifts it to a higher level. At a central location a joint center is created that explicitly informs people that are involved in the glasshouse industry, it also provides a platform for cooperation, education and knowledge.