My experience at East West Seed Indonesia pt

My most memorable experience was that I could learn how to properly plant cultivation,in the company there are various kinds of activities ranging from plant breeding, planting, care, harvest, until the post-harvest.
activities that I enjoyed most was his easy extraction because extraction can just sitand listen to mp3 or song, even though his job easier if done continually, but also quiteboring because there are employees who also work on the extraction, so it can bewhile talking to a lively atmosphere and sometimes much bercandanya so this workbecomes easy and exciting.
and other experiences that I can find a variety of rules be applied by companies, startfrom the ban on smoking at work and if caught it will be in a fine with money worthUSD, 50.000, oo and if left the company then will check first , ranging from handbagsto motorcycles, with rules like this then the company becomes orderly.
I experienced it for 5 months and I always remember every activity that I did even though at first still do not know, but because there are my instructors in teaching the material to the type species of pests, diseases, fungi, and how to overcome them so that insight / knowledge I became more widespread.

and from outside my company also experienced a wide range of unforgettable experience because before reaching my destination my group along with confusion and even lost a few times to reach the company because the address in the addressed less complete. fortunately there are friends who know seniors who have worked at the company so that at the time of Dapa lost touch with until we can get to their destination in the morning around 4 o’clock sore.bahkan despite being up to my group and I also still have problems with the company because the document’s security guards had brought with me less complete because of the aimed at Purwakarta in lembang.setelah not we do the debate with a security guard until he understood.
after that there is the coordinator of the companies that come to visit and find a place to stay for 5 bulan.dan PI in the end I could rest until my power is restored